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The "Ivy League" of Dog Daycare
Edu-Care for DogsTM ~


Pet Behavior Solutions 
has created a new and innovative program for dogs! 

Edu-Care for DogsTM

  • Fun and effective training using our very own Choice TrainingTM
  • Opportunities to learn impulse control, conflict resolution, body awareness, focus, problem solving, cooperative behaviors... through games and activities
  • Guided behavior and interactions 100% of the time; continuous positive feedback is a fast and fun way to learn.
  • Small groups to minimize stress and maximize learning
  • A true-to-life setting (our behaviorist's house!) to practice house manners and other skills to help dogs succeed in a human-centric world

The Edu-Care program features our innovative Life Skills Training~ activities designed to strengthen and foster skills including: impulse control, conflict resolution, problem solving, focus, free thinking, confidence, self-awareness, negotiation skills and overall manners. These activities encourage and stimulate dogs mentally as well as physically. We successfully accommodate each dog's individual needs based on their temperament, play style and their parent's training goals. Edu-Care for Dogs also features our own guided interactions and group play program that is second to none.

Transportation within 10 miles of our Scottsdale location is included in tuition!

From October-June, classes are held on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9am-3pm.
Mid-June through September we have summer camp; camp is held Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9am-noon.

Space is extremely limited and is by reservation only. Click here for more information or to inquire about enrollment.


What is a day at Edu-Care for DogsTM like? 


Help us build the ultimate educational playground for our students!
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All gifts will be used to purchase new equipment, flooring and permanent shade structures for our playground! Gifts will be securely processed through PayPal. Thank you!

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For more information about our programs call:
Pet Behavior Solutions: 480-200-2011
or email:

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